Rubber deck makes new and old decks better looking, safer, non slip and no more cracking. Pick your own personal colours to fit your back yard.


Rubber deck makes old pools look modern with a clean new face lift. Safer, non slip and softer than tile or concrete. It will become the focal point of the entire room.


Rubber deck covers concrete, wood, paving stones, tile, flag stone, asphalt and gravel. Will make a patched up area blend to one new deck


You will probably see how these areas are similar to yours. There is really no better way to fix these decks. It is also the fastest and least expensive way to make your deck look better than new.

Our Premium Features

Resurface pool and patio decks with a seamless rubber topping over that old cracked concrete or wood.  Rubber Deck is a safety surfacing system that has become popular in North American for resurfacing concrete pool decks.

  • Covers cracked concrete
  • Non slip
  • Expands with temperature changes
  • Maintenance free
  • Safe for children
  • Softer than concrete
  • Installs in days
  • Ready to use in 24 hrs
  • No construction equipment needed